Section C: Views on Your Diabetes Medical Care

Section C: Views on Your Diabetes Medical Care of 2003 Mail Survey On Diabetes

Label Type Description
C1A Question Please indicate how you feel about the diabetes care you have received recently from your doctors, nurses, or other health care providers. (Circle one answer for each line.). I'm very satisfied with the diabetes care I receive.
C1B Question There are things about the diabetes care I receive that could be better.
C2 Question Overall, what grade would you give your doctors, nurses, or other health care providers for how well they helped you manage your diabetes in the past six months? (Mark one.)
C3A Question How would you rate the doctors, nurses, or other health care providers who take care of your diabetes at: (Circle one answer for each line.) Telling you everything; not keeping things from you that you should know
C3B Question Letting you know test results when promised
C3C Question Explaining treatment alternatives
C3D Question Explaining side effects of medications
C3E Question Telling you what to expect from your treatment
C4A Question Think about the health care you've received over the past six months. (If it's been more than six months since you've seen your doctor or nurse, think about your most recent visit.) Over the past six months, when receiving medical care for your diabetes, how often were you: (Circle one answer for each line.) Asked for your ideas about making your treatment plan
C4B Question Given choices about treatment to think about
C4C Question Asked to talk about your goals in caring for your diabetes
C4D Question Helped to set specific goals to improve your eating or exercise
C4E Question Sure that your doctor or nurse thought about your values and your traditions when they recommended treatments to you
C4F Question Helped to make a treatment plan that you could do in your daily life
C4G Question Helped to set a goal with your doctor or nurse
C5A Question Please indicate if your doctor or nurse has discussed the following topics with you within the past six months: (Circle one answer for each line.) a. When and how to take insulin or diabetes pills
C5B Question When and how to check blood sugar
C5C Question How to time meals
C5D Question What to eat
C5E Question How to check and care for your feet
C5F Question How to increase physical activity
C5G Question How to make changes in medications
C5H Question How to deal with the emotional demands of diabetes
C5I Question Where to find community resources to help with diabetes
C6A Question Please rate how well you understand each of the following areas of diabetes care: (Circle one answer for each line.) How to take your insulin or other medications
C6B Question What each of your prescribed medications do
C6C Question How to choose the food you should eat
C6D Question How to read nutrition labels on food
C6E Question How to exercise
C6F Question How and when to test your blood sugar
C6G Question How to care for your feet
C6H Question What the complications of diabetes are
C6I Question What to do for symptoms of low blood sugar
C6J Question What your target blood sugar values should be