Section EV: Lifestyles

Section EV: Lifestyles Module of CRELES Wave 3

Label Type Description
EV1M Question Do you currently drink alcoholic drinks?
EV10 Question Do you currently smoke?
EV11 Question How many cigarrettes, cigars or pipes do you regularly smoke per day? (pack has 20 cigarrettes)
EV14 Question In the last 12 months, did you exercise regularly or do other rigorous physical activities like sports, jogging, dancing, or heaving work, 3 times per week?
EV15 Question What is your current weight?
EV16 Question Using these images, how do you think you currently look? SHOW CARD "A"
EV17 Question What is your current height?
EV23 Question In the last 6 months, have you lost more than 5 kilograms of weight unintentionally?