MH. Mental Health

MH. Mental Health Module of SHARE 2011

Label Type Description
MH001 Question Earlier we talked about your physical health. Another measure of health is your emotional health or well being -that is, how you feel about things that happen around you.
MH002 Question In the last month, have you been sad or depressed?
MH003 Question What are your hopes for the future?
MH004 Question In the last month, have you felt that you would rather be dead?
MH005 Question Do you tend to blame yourself or feel guilty about anything?
MH006 Question So, for what do you blame yourself?
MH007 Question Have you had trouble sleeping recently?
MH008 Question In the last month, what is your interest in things?
MH009 Question So, do you keep up your interests?
MH010 Question Have you been irritable recently?
MH011 Question What has your appetite been like?
MH012 Question So, have you been eating more or less than usual?
MH013 Question In the last month, have you had too little energy to do the things you wanted to do?
MH014 Question How is your concentration? For example, can you concentrate on a television programme, film or radioprogramme?
MH015 Question Can you concentrate on something you read?
MH016 Question What have you enjoyed doing recently?
MH017 Question In the last month, have you cried at all?
MH023 Question Now I am going to read some statements about how people sometimes feel.After each statement, please indicate how often you felt that way DURING THE PAST WEEK: never, hardly ever,some of the time, or most of the time.The best answer is usually the one that comes to your mind first, so do not spend too much time on any onestatement.I had fear of the worst happening.
MH024 Question I was nervous.
MH025 Question I felt my hands trembling.
MH026 Question I had a fear of dying.
MH027 Question I felt faint.
MH032 Question IWER: End of non-proxy section.Who answered the questions in this section?
MH018 Question [Since our interview in ] {FL_MH018_4} [, has/Has] there been a time or times [ in your life] when you suffered fromsymptoms of depression which lasted at least two weeks?
MH030 Question In what year did you suffer from symptoms of depression (which lasted at least two weeks) for the last time?
MH031 Question In what month did you start experiencing these symptoms?
MH019 Question How old were you when the symptoms occurred for the first time?
MH020 Question Were you [ever] treated for depression by a family doctor or a psychiatrist?
MH021 Question Were you [ever] admitted to a mental hospital or psychiatric ward?
MH022 Question Has a doctor ever told you that you suffer from other affective or emotional disorders, including anxiety, nervous orpsychiatric problems?