SA. Surviving Widow(er)

Module SA. Surviving Widow(er) of MHAS 2012

Label Type Description
SA2 Question Approximately how old was your spouse, (NAME) upon passing away?
SA3 Question Interviewer: Note the sex of (NAME)
SA4 Question (NAME) passed away in a private house or in a hospital or institution?
SA5 Question Where did (NAME) pass away?
SA6 Question What was the cause of (NAME'S) death?
SA7 Question What was the primary sickness that caused the death of (NAME)?
SA8a Question When did (NAME) pass away?
SA8b Question When your spouse passed away, were you and/or your spouse owners of a house, an apartment, a ranch, or a farm?
SA8c Question What happened to the property?
SA8d Question Who had more weight in deciding what to do with the property - you, your spouse, or another person?
SA8e Question Who presently lives in that property?