PS. Psychosocial

PS. Psychosocial module of ELSA 2012

Label Type Description
PSCEDH Question whether could not get going
PSTIMA System generated Time at start of Module
PSCEDC Question whether sleep was restless
PSNTIMA System generated Time at end of PS
PSNTIMC System generated Time at end of Quality of care section
PSTSET Question INTERVIEWER: The Psychosocial section is finished. Please enter 1 here to make the program store the current time and date.
PSCEDF Question whether enjoyed life
PSNDATA System generated Date at end of PS
PSCEDI Question Now think about the past week and the feelings you have experienced. Please tell me if each of the following was true for you much of the time during the past week.
PSCEDA Question whether depressed in the past week
PSDATA Question Date at start of Module
PSCEDB Question whether everything done was an effort
PSCEDE Question whether felt lonely
PSCEDD Question whether felt happy
PSCEDG Question whether felt sad
PSAGF Question How old do you feel that you are? INTERVIEWER: Enter age in years.