FQ. Final Questions

FQ. Final Questions module of ELSA 2012

Label Type Description
FQTIMB System generated Time at end of final questions
FQTIMA System generated Time at start of Final Questions
FQMQUA Question Whether obtained qualifications since last interview
FQCULB Question other cultural background
FQOQ Question qualification name
FQBACK Question black cultural background
FQEND Question age finished education
FQETHN Question ethnic group
FQWCULT Question white cultural background
FQCUL Question cultural background
FQCBAC Question asian cultural background
FQCBTH Question country of birth
FQBCG Question mixed ethnic cultural background
FQAQUA Question whether has any qualifications on card
FQDATA System generated Date at start of Final Questions
FQDATB System generated Date at end of final questions
FQQUAZM Question qualification type
FQQUAL Question qualification type
FQCENG Question year of arrival to England
FQQUAZ Question EDITOR : Back code here - CODE FRAME 59 Which of the qualifications on this card ^HAVE? Just tell me the number written beside each one.
FQCULTO Question other cultural background
FqQualD Question W3 Qualifications