DH. Household Demographics

DH. Household Demographics module of ELSA 2012

Label Type Description
DHSURY Question INTERVIEWER: Code 1 here to confirm that Individual Session one will be a concurrent interview with and The order in which respondents will appear in the session will be : ECNAME [NAMES] Note : This cannot then be changed.
DHCNA Question first name of child
DHCAG Question child's age at last birthday
DHPXWHY Question [CODE FRAME] INTERVIEWER: Why does [NAME] need a proxy/ consultee interview?
DHMON Question month of death
DHIAWHO Question I will only need to ask one of you the questions about your finances. Which of you would be most able to answer these questions? CODE ONE ONLY.
DHJOINM Question month moved into household
DHMOV Question We may need to collect some more details about correct first name but we will come back to this later. INTERVIEWER: Press 1 and to continue.
DHCDB Question child's date of birth
DHDEAD Question year of death
DHNAME Question whether still lives here/at institution
DHOK Question Is this an eligible DoB - ie on or before 29th feb 1952
DHBACK Question names of people who have moved back in
DHELSEC Question whether is child of someone living here
DHRESP Question INTERVIEWER: Code the main person who answered the Household Grid. CODE ONE ONLY. [PERSON NUMBER AND NAMES] 97 : Not a Household Member
DHANYPX Question anyone needing a proxy/ consultee interview
DHELSE Question Does anyone else live here now? INTERVIEWER: If the new entrant is a returner who was listed at the beginning of the interview, @Idon''t answer this question@I but scroll back to DhBack and code the relevant person number.
DHNOW Question INTERVIEWER: Are you about to begin a concurrent interview with and ? The order in which respondents will appear in the session would be: ECNAME [NAMES] INTERVIEWER: and have separate finances - be sure they are willing to answer questions about their finances in front of each other before interviewing them together.
DHEIINT Question I am sorry to hear that [PERSON NAME] has passed away. I just need to ask a few questions to check that we have the correct information about him/her. @/@/INTERVIEWER: This is a refreshment sample member and is not eligible for an End of Life Interview. INTERVIEWER: Press 1 and to continue.
DHWHAT Question reason for not living here
DHHOU Question proposed respondent for HO
DH2CA Question person number of first person in 2 person household
DHJOINMD Question Derived month of moving in. If season specified then choose earliest month for checks
DHTIMA System generated Time at start of the Household Demographics Module
DHTIMB System generated Time at start of children grid
DHTIMC System generated Time at end of children grid
DHMOND System generated Derived month of death
DHSEXC Question whether child's sex correct
DHC Question Child number within these parents
DHJOINY Question year moved into household
DHPA Question Parent A
DHINT Question (As you know) this is a study about the health and lifestyles of people aged 50 and over. @/@/During the interview, some of the questions you are asked will be new to you and others will check or update information that we asked about last time. This is because we are interested in understanding what has stayed the same and what has changed. I would like to begin by collecting a few details about who lives in this household. INTERVIEWER: Enter 1 to continue.
DHWORK Question whether in paid employment
DHAGE Question age at last birthday
DHPB Question Parent B
DHPROXY Question respondents needing a proxy/ consultee interview
DHCGN Question whether child details correct
DHMIPWH Question details of proposed proxy/ consultee institution interview respondent
DHNOWX Question Copy of DHNow
DH2C Question Set to Yes if EligCt=2 and DHHow=Yes
DHNCH Question number of living children
DHARFB Question INTERVIEWER: This is a split household. Start ARF B and attempt to find follow-up address for them. Press 1 and to continue.
DHSEX Question sex
DHSC Question whether surname correct
DHPXM Question INTERVIEWER: Please remember to get signed consent from the proxy/ consultee on whether the respondent would be willing to participate in this interview and for agreement to do the interview on the respondent's behalf. INTERVIEWER: Press 1 and to continue.
DHNSN Question correct surname
DHPXOTH Question INTERVIEWER: Please specify why the respondent requires a proxy/ consultee interview.
DHMIPRX Question whether participant could have institution interview in person
DHMIPWP Question whether someone could do proxy/ consultee institution interview
DHROTH Question Other people who helped answering the Household Grid.
DHRC Question whether confirms relationship to child
DHCH Question whether has children not living here
DH2CB Question person number of second person in 2 person household
DH1ST Question First line of new parents
DHIASEP Question whether keep finances seperate
DHCS Question child's sex
DHCR Question relationship to child
DHNC Question whether child's first name correct
DHNN Question correct first name
DHDOB Question date of birth
DHEIEL Question Eligibility for Exit interview
DHWARN Question INTERVIEWER: The Household Questionnaire should only be answered by a non-household member if all household members eligible for interview are incapacitated.
DHELSCY Question whether is child recorded at previous interview
DHSAMEH Question whether interviewing at same address as last time
DHLEFTM Question month moved out of household
DHLEFTY Question year moved out of household
DHMIST Question Status of respondent
DHM Question More for these parents?
DHEAG Question age at last birthday (agebands)
DHDOBC Question whether child's date of birth correct
DHDAY Question day of death
DHR Question relationship to other household members
DHREIN Question INTERVIEWER: Respondent has moved into an institution and is not eligible for interview. Press <1> and to continue.
DHDIEDC Question INTERVIEWER: Our records show that [PERSON NAME] has died. is this correct? Only ask respondent if you don't know.
HHNO System generated Household Number
HHPrev System generated Complete household size (by previous wave)
PElseOnly System generated Only ask DhElse?
Dead Question Died since W5
NAME Question asked of interviewer INTERVIEWER: Enter the first name of the Array household member.
SNAME Question asked of interviewer INTERVIEWER: Enter the surname of the Array household member.
SEX Question asked of interviewer First name of household member of household member
DOB Question Date of birth of household member
DMWHAT Question DhWhat in this wave
RPRES System generated
ELSA System generated ELSA
Partner Question ELSA partner
ChCovered Question child covered in hh grid ?
Covered Question Covered in either HH grid or child grid?
EligB Question Eligible for interview AFTER grid
CoupleN Question Person number of partner
EligMT Question Total Eligible for interview AFTER DHProxy, excluding respondents in institution.
NOFMOV System generated Number of people that moved
editqre System generated edit