MD. Medications

MD. Medications module of TILDA 2010

Label Type Description
MD001 Question Now I would like to record all medications that you take on a regular basis, like every day or every week. This will include prescription and non-prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal and alternative medicines. IWER: ASK RESPONDENT IF YOU COULD SEE THE MEDICATIONS HE/SHE TAKES SO YOU CAN COPY DOWN THE CORRECT SPELLING OF EACH TABLET. IWER: PROMPT: DO I HAVE ALL OF YOUR MEDICATIONS HERE?
MD002 Question IWER: Some studies like TILDA link the information they collect with official health records to provide a complete picture about the health and treatment history of the participant. Would you be happy to provide us with your medical card number for this purpose?
MD003 Question Please can you tell me your medical card number? IWER: Please ensure that the letter at the end of the medical card number is recorded.
MD004 Question IWER code how you recorded the medical number