PF. Peak Flow

PF. Peak Flow module of SHARE 2006

Label Type Description
MERGEID System generated Person identifier (fix across modules and waves)
HHID System generated Household (fix across modules and waves)
HHID1 System generated Household identifier wave 1
HHID2 System generated Household identifier wave 2
COUNTRY System generated Country identifier
WAVEID System generated Identifier of original wave
SPLIT System generated Household split identifier
LANGUAGE Constructed variable Language of questionnaire
CVID Constructed variable Coverscreen sequence identifier (wave specific)
PF002 Question Safe to do the test
PF003 Question Value first measurement
PF004 Question asked of interviewer Value second measurement
PF005 Question asked of interviewer Effort r gave to this measurement
PF006 Question asked of interviewer Position of r for this test
PF007 Question asked of interviewer Why pf not completed