LB. Leave-behind Questionnaires (respondent)

LB. Leave-behind Questionnaires (respondent) module of HRS 2008

Label Type Description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
LSUBHH System generated 2008 sub household identification number
KSUBHH System generated 2006 sub household identification number
LPN_SP System generated 2008 spouse/partner person number
LCSR System generated 2008 whether coversheet respondent
LFAMR System generated 2008 whether family respondent
LFINR System generated 2008 whether financial respondent
LEFTFASSIGN System generated Enhanced ftf assignment
LNURSHM System generated 2008 nursing home status-tracker
LLBELIG System generated 2008 leave behind eligibility
LLBCOMP System generated Mode completed leave behind qnaire
LLB001A Question Often care adult
LLB001B Question Often volunteer youth
LLB001C Question Often charity work
LLB001D Question Often education
LLB001E Question Often attend sports/social/club
LLB001F Question Often attend non religious orgs
LLB001G Question Often pray privately
LLB001H Question Often read
LLB001I Question Often do word games
LLB001J Question Often play cards/chess/othrs
LLB001K Question Often do writing
LLB001L Question Often use computer
LLB001M Question Often maintenance/gardening
LLB001N Question Often bake or cook
LLB001O Question Often sew or knit
LLB001P Question Often do hobby
LLB001Q Question Often play sport/exercize
LLB001R Question Often walk for 20 mins
LLB002 Question Compare activities 30 yrs ago
LLB003A Question Q03a. life is close to ideal
LLB003B Question Q03b. conditions of life are excellent
LLB003C Question Q03c. satisfied with life
LLB003D Question Q03d. have important things in life
LLB003E Question Q03e. change nothing if lived life over
LLB004 Question Q04. live with spouse or partner
LLB005A Question Q05a. sp/p understand the way you feel
LLB005B Question Q05b. rely on sp/p if serious problem
LLB005C Question Q05c. open up to sp/p about worries
LLB005D Question Q05d. too many demands on you - sp/p
LLB005E Question Q05e. amt sp/p criticizes you
LLB005F Question Q05f. sp/p let you down
LLB005G Question Q05g. sp/p gets on your nerves
LLB006 Question Q06. how close with sp/p
LLB007 Question Q07. have any children
LLB008A Question Q08a. children understand way you feel
LLB008B Question Q08b. rely on children if serious prob
LLB008C Question about worries - children
LLB008D Question Q08d.too many demands on you - children
LLB008E Question Q08e. amt children criticize you
LLB008F Question Q08f. children let you down
LLB008G Question Q08g. children get on your nerves
LLB009A Question Q09a. meet up with children
LLB009B Question Q09b. speak on the phone with children
LLB009C Question Q09c. write or email children
LLB010 Question Q10. # children close relationship
LLB011 Question Q11. have any other immediate family
LLB012A Question Q12a. oth fam members understand you
LLB012B Question Q12b. rely oth fam mem if serious prob
LLB012C Question Q12c. open up to other family members
LLB012D Question Q12d. too many demands on you - fam mem
LLB012E Question Q12e. oth family members criticize you
LLB012F Question Q12f. oth family members let you down
LLB012G Question Q12g. oth fam members get on your nerves
LLB013A Question Q13a. meet up with oth family members
LLB013B Question Q13b. speak on phone with oth fam mem
LLB013C Question Q13c. write or email oth family members
LLB014 Question Q14. # oth fam mem close relationship
LLB015 Question Q15. have any friends
LLB016A Question Q16a. friends understand way you feel
LLB016B Question Q16b. rely on friends if serious problem
LLB016C Question Q16c. open up to friends about worries
LLB016D Question Q16d. too many demands on you - friends
LLB016E Question Q16e. friends criticize you
LLB016F Question Q16f. friends let you down
LLB016G Question Q16g. friends get on your nerves
LLB017A Question Q17a. meet up with friends
LLB017B Question Q17b. speak on phone with friends
LLB017C Question Q17c. write or email friends
LLB018 Question Q18. # friends close relationship
LLB019A Question Q19a. people dislike helping others
LLB019B Question Q19b. people use unfair means to profit
LLB019C Question Q19c. no one cares much what happens
LLB019D Question Q19d. people would lie to get ahead
LLB019E Question Q19e. wonder why others do nice things
LLB019F Question Q19f. something can go wrong for me
LLB019G Question Q19g. optimistic about own future
LLB019H Question Q19h. expect the best in uncertain times
LLB019I Question Q19i. expect more good things to happen
LLB019J Question Q19j. hardly expect things to go my way
LLB019K Question Q19k. rarely count on good things
LLB019L Question Q19l. impossible to reach goals
LLB019M Question Q19m. future seems hopeless
LLB019N Question Q19n. not expect to get what i want
LLB019O Question Q19o. no use in trying to get something
LLB020A Question Q20a. lack companionship
LLB020B Question Q20b. feel left out
LLB020C Question Q20c. feel isolated from others
LLB020D Question Q20d. in tune with others
LLB020E Question Q20e. alone
LLB020F Question Q20f. people can talk to
LLB020G Question Q20g. people can turn to
LLB020H Question Q20h. people understand you
LLB020I Question Q20i. people feel close to
LLB020J Question Q20j. feel part of group
LLB020K Question Q20k. a lot in common with friends
LLB021A Question Q21a. feel part of this area
LLB021B Question Q21b. vandalism and graffiti problem
LLB021C Question Q21c. most people can be trusted
LLB021D Question Q21d. be afraid to walk alone after dark
LLB021E Question Q21e. most people are friendly this area
LLB021F Question Q21f. this area is kept very clean
LLB021G Question Q21g. people help you if in trouble
LLB021H Question Q21h. many vacant or deserted houses
LLB022A Question Q22a. helpless in dealing with problem
LLB022B Question Q22b. others determine what i can/not do
LLB022C Question Q22c. life is beyond my control
LLB022D Question Q22d. little control over things
LLB022E Question Q22e. no way i can solve my problems
LLB023A Question Q23a. do anything i set my mind to
LLB023B Question Q23b. usually find a way to succeed
LLB023C Question Q23c. get what i want is in my own hands
LLB023D Question Q23d. the future depends on me
LLB023E Question Q23e. do things that i want to do
LLB024 Question Q24. amount of control over health
LLB025 Question Q25. control over social life
LLB026 Question Q26. control over financial situation
LLB027A Question Q27a. afraid
LLB027B Question Q27b. upset
LLB027C Question Q27c. determined
LLB027D Question Q27d. enthusiastic
LLB027E Question Q27e. guilty
LLB027F Question Q27f. active
LLB027G Question Q27g. proud
LLB027H Question Q27h. interested
LLB027I Question Q27i. scared
LLB027J Question Q27j. frustrated
LLB027K Question Q27k. happy
LLB027L Question Q27l. bored
LLB027M Question Q27m. hostile
LLB027N Question Q27n. jittery
LLB027O Question Q27o. ashamed
LLB027P Question Q27p. attentive
LLB027Q Question Q27q. content
LLB027R Question Q27r. nervous
LLB027S Question Q27s. sad
LLB027T Question Q27t. inspired
LLB027U Question Q27u. hopeful
LLB027V Question Q27v. alert
LLB027W Question Q27w. distressed
LLB027X Question Q27x. calm
LLB027Y Question Q27y. excited
LLB028A Question Q28a. believe in god
LLB028B Question Q28b. events unfold by a divine plan
LLB028C Question Q28c. try hard to carry out beliefs
LLB028D Question Q28d. find strength in religion
LLB029A Question Q29a. age r feels
LLB029B1 Question Q29b1. get worse as r gets older
LLB029B2 Question Q29b2. same pep as last year
LLB029B3 Question Q29b3. get useless as r gets older
LLB029B4 Question Q29b4. happy as when younger
LLB029B5 Question Q29b5. better than r thought
LLB029B6 Question Q29b6. r satisfied with aging
LLB029B7 Question Q29b7. stop things r liked
LLB029B8 Question Q29b8. dont like getting older
LLB030A Question Q30a. be treated with less respect
LLB030B Question Q30b. receive poorer service than others
LLB030C Question Q30c. people act as if you not smart
LLB030D Question Q30d. people act as if afraid of you
LLB030E Question Q30e. you are threatened or harassed
LLB030F Question Q30f. worse treatment from doctors
LLB031 Question Q31.why experiences happened to you
LLB032A Question Q32a. satisfied w/ balance btw partner
LLB032B Question Q32b. received adequate appreciation
LLB032C Question Q32c. satisfied with rewards for efforts
LLB032D Question Q32d. good relationship with mother
LLB032E Question Q32e. good relationship with father
LLB033A Question Q33a. outgoing
LLB033B Question Q33b. helpful
LLB033C Question Q33c. moody
LLB033D Question Q33d. organized
LLB033E Question Q33e. friendly
LLB033F Question Q33f. warm
LLB033G Question Q33g. worrying
LLB033H Question Q33h. responsible
LLB033I Question Q33i. lively
LLB033J Question Q33j. caring
LLB033K Question Q33k. nervous
LLB033L Question Q33l. creative
LLB033M Question Q33m. hardworking
LLB033N Question Q33n. imaginative
LLB033O Question Q33o. softhearted
LLB033P Question Q33p. calm
LLB033Q Question Q33q. intelligent
LLB033R Question Q33r. curious
LLB033S Question Q33s. active
LLB033T Question Q33t. careless
LLB033U Question Q33u. broad-minded
LLB033V Question Q33v. sympathetic
LLB033W Question Q33w. talkative
LLB033X Question Q33x. sophisticated
LLB033Y Question Q33y. adventurous
LLB033Z Question Q33z. thorough
LLB034A Question Q34a. easily talked into silly things
LLB034B Question Q34b. rush into action
LLB034C Question Q34c. rarely jump into things
LLB034D Question Q34d. careful say to others
LLB034E Question Q34e. rarely misplace things
LLB034F Question Q34f. home a complete mess
LLB034G Question Q34g. home extremely neat
LLB034H Question Q34h. organized unimportant
LLB034I Question Q34i. do not work as hard
LLB034J Question Q34j. do required/rarely more
LLB034K Question Q34k. have high standards
LLB034L Question Q34l. do more than expected
LLB034M Question Q34m. do not intend follow rules
LLB034N Question Q34n. broke rules in school
LLB034O Question Q34o. support rules/tradition
LLB034P Question Q34p. would not break rules
LLB034Q Question Q34q. would not pay taxes
LLB034R Question Q34r. could be insincere/dishonest
LLB034S Question Q34s. would tell cashier
LLB034T Question Q34t. copy homework
LLB034U Question Q34u. carry out obligations
LLB034V Question Q34v. keep promises
LLB034W Question Q34w. too much bother keep promises
LLB034X Question Q34x. dont keep appointment
LLB035A Question Q35a. enjoy making plans for the future
LLB035B Question Q35b. daily activities seem trivial
LLB035C Question Q35c. active in carrying out own plans
LLB035D Question Q35d. no good sense trying to accomplish
LLB035E Question Q35e. done all there is to do in life
LLB035F Question Q35f. live life one day at a time
LLB035G Question Q35g. have a sense of direction in life
LLB036A Question Q36a. unfairly dismissed from a job
LLB036AY Question Q36ayr. unfairly dismissed year
LLB036B Question Q36b. ever not been hired for a job
LLB036BY Question Q36byr. not hired year
LLB036C Question Q36c. been unfairly denied a promotion
LLB036CY Question Q36cyr. denied promotion year
LLB036D Question Q36d. prevented fr moving to neighbhood
LLB036DY Question Q36dyr. neighborood move year
LLB036E Question Q36e. been unfairly denied a bank loan
LLB036EY Question Q36eyr. denied bank loan year
LLB036F Question Q36f. been unfairly stopped by police
LLB036FY Question Q36fyr. stopped by police year
LLB036G Question Q36g. been unfairly denied hlth care
LLB036GY Question Q36gyr. denied health care year
LLB037A Question Q37a. has a child of yours ever died
LLB037AY Question Q37ayr. child died year
LLB037B Question Q37b. been in a major fire or disaster
LLB037BY Question Q37byr. fire or disaster year
LLB037C Question Q37c. fire a weapon in combat
LLB037CY Question Q37cyr. combat weapon year
LLB037D Question Q37d. sp or partner addicted to drugs
LLB037DY Question Q37dyr. sp/partner addicted year
LLB037E Question Q37e. ever victim of physical attack
LLB037EY Question Q37eyr. victim of physical attack-yr
LLB037F Question Q37f. life-threatening illness
LLB037FY Question Q37fyr. life-threatening illness -yr
LLB037G Question Q37g. sp or child have life-threatening
LLB037GY Question Q37gyr. sp/child have life-threaten-yr
LLB037H Question Q37h. amount time/attention mother
LLB037I Question Q37i. effort from mother
LLB037J Question Q37j. amt mother teach about life
LLB037K Question Q37k. a yr of schl over again before 18
LLB037L Question Q37l. trouble with police before 18
LLB037M Question Q37m. drink drugs caused family probs
LLB037N Question Q37n. physical abused by parents bf 18
LLB038A Question Q38a. lost job at any point last 5 years
LLB038AY Question Q38ayr. lost job last 5 years -yr
LLB038B Question Q38b. looking for job last 5 years
LLB038BY Question Q38byr. looking for job last 5 years -yr
LLB038C Question Q38c. anyone looking for job last 5 yrs
LLB038CY Question Q38cyr. anyone look for job 5 years - yr
LLB038D Question Q38d. move to a worse res last 5 yrs
LLB038DY Question Q38dyr. move to worse res last 5 yrs- yr
LLB038E Question Q38e. have home robbed last 5 yrs
LLB038EY Question Q38eyr. have home robbed last 5 yrs -yr
LLB038F Question Q38f. victim fraud last 5 yrs
LLB038FY Question Q38fyr. victim fraud last 5 yrs - yr
LLB039A Question Q39a. condition of home
LLB039B Question Q39b. city town live
LLB039C Question Q39c. daily leisure acts
LLB039D Question Q39d. family life
LLB039E Question Q39e. present fin situation
LLB039F Question Q39f. health
LLB039G Question Q39g. life as a whole
LLB040 Question Q40. difficulty paying bills
LLB041A Question Q41a. fear of the worst happening
LLB041B Question Q41b. nervous
LLB041C Question Q41c. hands trembling
LLB041D Question Q41d. fear of dying
LLB041E Question Q41e. felt faint
LLB042A Question Q42a. keep things in when angry or mad
LLB042B Question Q42b. withdraw from people when angry
LLB042C Question Q42c. irritated more than others sense
LLB042D Question Q42d. angrier than willing to admit
LLB042E Question Q42e. argue with others when angry
LLB042F Question Q42f. strike out at what infuriates me
LLB042G Question Q42g. say nasty things when angry or mad
LLB042H Question Q42h. lose temper when angry or mad
LLB042I Question Q42i. quick tempered
LLB042J Question Q42j. have a fiery temper
LLB042K Question Q42k. fly off the handle
LLB043 Question Q43. position on job ladder
LLB044 Question Q44. position on ladder change
LLB045 Question Q45. currently working
LLB046A Question Q46a. leave work money
LLB046B Question Q46b. leave work health ins
LLB047A Question Q47a. rate current ability to work
LLB047B Question Q47b. rate ability to meet phy demands
LLB047C Question Q47c. rate ability meet mental demands
LLB047D Question Q47d. rate abil meet intpersonal demands
LLB048A Question makes personal resp difficult
LLB048B Question Q48b. no energy to do fam thing with job
LLB048C Question Q48c. job worry distracts me when not wk
LLB048D Question Q48d. home life keeps me fr get wk done
LLB048E Question Q48e. family life drains energy at job
LLB048F Question Q48f. pers resp preoccupies me on job
LLB048G Question Q48g. work leaves enough personal time
LLB048H Question Q48h. work give energy to do own things
LLB048I Question Q48i. in better mood because of job
LLB048J Question Q48j. enough time to do job
LLB048K Question Q48k. fam life give me energy to do job
LLB048L Question Q48l. in better mood because of fam life
LLB049A Question Q49a. unfairly given the tasks at work
LLB049B Question Q49b. watched more closely than others
LLB049C Question Q49c. bothered by supervisor/coworker
LLB049D Question Q49d. have to work twice as hard as oth
LLB049E Question Q49e. feel ignored by boss
LLB049F Question Q49f. unfairly humiliated
LLB050A Question Q50a. satisfied with job
LLB050B Question Q50b. job is physically demanding
LLB050C Question Q50c. recognition for work
LLB050D Question Q50d. salary is adequate
LLB050E Question Q50e. job promotion prospects are poor
LLB050F Question Q50f. job security is poor
LLB050G Question Q50g. pressure due to a heavy workload
LLB050H Question Q50h. little freedom how work done
LLB050I Question Q50i. opportunity to develop new skills
LLB050J Question Q50j. adequate support in diff situ
LLB050K Question Q50k. have control over what happens
LLB050L Question Q50l. have to work very fast
LLB050M Question Q50m. feel bothered or upset in work
LLB050N Question Q50n. free from conflictiong demands
LLB050O Question Q50o. job interferes with personal life
LLB050P Question Q50p. too much work to do
LLB050Q Question Q50q. say about job
LLB050R Question Q50r. promotions fair
LLB050S Question Q50s. training opportunities
LLB050T Question Q50t. rely on coworkers for help
LLB050U Question Q50u. coworkers listen - work probs
LLB050V Question Q50v. coworkers help - diff tasks
LLB050W Question Q50w. coworkers help - crisis
LLB050X Question Q50x. supervisor helpful
LLB050Y Question Q50y. supervisor extend help
LLB050Z Question Q50z. supervisor pride in accomp
LLB050ZA Question Q50za. supervisor make job interesting
LLB051 Question Q51. who answered the questions
LVDATE System generated 2008 data model version
LVERSION System generated 2008 data release version