I. Physical Measures (respondent)

I. Physical Measures (respondent) module of HRS 2008

Label Type Description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
LSUBHH System generated 2008 sub household identification number
KSUBHH System generated 2006 sub household identification number
LPN_SP System generated 2008 spouse/partner person number
LCSR System generated 2008 whether coversheet respondent
LFAMR System generated 2008 whether family respondent
LFINR System generated 2008 whether financial respondent
LEFTFASSIGN System generated Enhanced ftf assignment
LNURSHM System generated 2008 nursing home status-tracker
LPMELIG System generated 2008 physical measures eligibility
LI800 Question Physical measures ftf iw
LI802 Question Physical measures consent form
LI954 Question Why no consent physical measures
LI855 Question Blood pressure not complete
LI857 System generated Bloodpressure time
LI859 Question Bloodpressure 1 systolic
LI860 Question Bloodpressure 1 diastolic
LI861 Question Bloodpressure 1 pulse
LI862 System generated Blood pressure 2 time
LI864 Question Bloodpressure 2 systolic
LI865 Question Bloodpressure 2 diastolic
LI866 Question Bloodpressure 2 pulse
LI867 System generated Bloodpressure 3 time
LI869 Question Bloodpressure 3 systolic
LI870 Question Bloodpressure 3 diastolic
LI871 Question Bloodpressure 3 pulse
LI872 Question Bloodpressure arm
LI873 Question Bloodpressure compliance
LI874 Question Bloodpressure position
LI875 Question Bloodpressure smoke etc
LI804 Question Breath complete at least one trial
LI805 Question Breath test reason not complete
LI807 System generated Puff test 1
LI808 System generated Puff test 2
LI809 System generated Puff test 3
LI810 Question R breathing test effort
LI811 Question Breathing test r position
LI812 Question Hand strength complete at least one trial
LI813 Question Hand strength test reason not complete
LI815 System generated Grip dominant hand
LI816 Question Left hand first
LI851 Question Right hand first
LI852 Question Left hand second
LI853 Question Right hand second
LI817 Question Grip r effort
LI818 Question Hand strength test r position
LI819 Question Hand strength rest arm
LI876 Question Balance test - semi-tandem stand
LI877 Question Balance semi-tandem reason not comp
LI879 Question Balance test semi-tandem hold full time
LI880 Question Balance test semi-tandem time
LI881 Question Balance test semi-tandem compensatory
LI883 Question Balance test s-b-s complete
LI884 Question Balance test sbs stand reason not comp
LI886 Question Balance test s-b-s hold full time
LI887 Question Balance test side-by-side time
LI888 Question Balance test side-by-side compensatory
LI889 Question Balance test s-b-s floor surface
LI891 Question Balance test s-b-s compliance
LI893 Question Balance test full tandem complete
LI894 Question Balance full tandem stand-not complete
LI896 Question Balance test full tandem hold full time
LI897 Question Balance test full tandem time
LI898 Question Balance test full tandem compensatory
LI899 Question Balance test full tandem floor surface
LI902 Question Balance test full tandem compliance
LI820 Question Walking test complete at least one trial
LI821 Question Walking test reason not complete
LI823 Question Walking test 1st trial time
LI824 Question Walking test 2nd trial time
LI825 Question T walk floor surface
LI828 Question Walking aid type
LI830 Question Walking test r effort
LI831 Question Measure r height
LI832 Question Height reason not complete
LI834 Question Height measurment
LI835 Question Height floor surface
LI837 Question Height wearing shoes
LI903 Question Height compliance
LI838 Question Weight able to measure
LI839 Question Weight reason not complete
LI841 Question Weight pounds measurment
LI842 Question Weight floor surface
LI844 Question Weight wearing shoes
LI947 Question Weight compliance
LI904 Question Waist complete
LI905 Question Waist why not complete
LI907 Question Waist measurment
LI908 Question Waist difficulties
LI910 Question Waist compliance
LI911 Question Waist who measured
LI912 Question Waist bulky clothes
LI913 Question Saliva consent
LI941 Question Why no consent saliva
LI914 Question Saliva sample eat drink etc
LI915 Question Saliva sample complete
LI916 Question Saliva why not complete
LI918 Question Saliva fill vial
LI919 Question Saliva problems
LI921 Question Saliva compliance
LI922 Question Blood sample consent
LI943 Question Why no consent blood
LI923 Question Blood sample complete
LI924 Question Why blood sample not complete
LI926 Question Blood sample what problems
LI928 Question Blood who measured
LI929 Question Amount of blood on first card
LI945 Question Amount of blood on storage card
LI854 Question Blood pressure complete
LI930 Question How many blood pricks
LI931 Question Blood sample compliance
LVDATE System generated 2008 data model version
LVERSION System generated 2008 data release version