LB. Leave-behind Questionnaires (respondent)

LB. Leave-behind Questionnaires (respondent) module of HRS 2006

Label Type Description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
KSUBHH System generated 2006 sub household identification number
JSUBHH System generated 2004 sub household identification number
KPN_SP System generated 2006 spouse/partner person number
KCSR System generated 2006 whether coversheet respondent
KFAMR System generated 2006 whether family respondent
KFINR System generated 2006 whether financial respondent
KEFTFASSIGN System generated Enhanced ftf assignment
KNURSHM Question 2006 nursing home status-tracker
KLBELIG System generated 2006 leave behind eligibility
KLBCOMP Question Mode completed leave behind qnaire
KLB001 Question Q01a. which statements apply
KLB002 Question Q02. attend meetings or programs
KLB003 Question Q03a. life is close to ideal
KLB004 Question Q04. live with spouse or partner
KLB005 Question Q05a. sp/p understand the way you feel
KLB006 Question Q06. how close with sp/p
KLB007 Question Q07. have any children
KLB008 Question Q08a. children understand way you feel
KLB009 Question Q09a. meet up with children
KLB010 Question Q10. # children close relationship
KLB011 Question Q11. have any other immediate family
KLB012 Question Q12a. oth fam members understand you
KLB013 Question Q13a. meet up with oth family members
KLB014 Question Q14. # oth fam mem close relationship
KLB015 Question Q15. have any friends
KLB016 Question Q16a. friends understand way you feel
KLB017 Question Q17a. meet up with friends
KLB018 Question Q18. # friends close relationship
KLB019 Question Q19a. people dislike helping others
KLB020 Question Q20a. lack companionship
KLB021 Question Q21a. feel part of this area
KLB022 Question Q22a. hopeless in dealing with problem
KLB023 Question Q23a. do anything i set my mind to
KLB024 Question Q24. amount of control over health
KLB025 Question Q25. control over work situation
KLB026 Question Q26. control over financial situation
KLB027 Question Q27a. feel cheerful
KLB028 Question Q28a. believe in god
KLB029 Question Q29. pray privately in places not church
KLB030 Question Q30a. be treated with less respect
KLB031 Question Q31.why experiences happened to you
KLB032 Question Q32a. satisfied w/ balance btw partner
KLB033 Question Q33a. outgoing
KLB034 Question Q34a. get chores done right away
KLB035 Question Q35a. enjoy making plans for the future
KLB036 Question Q36a. unfairly dismissed from a job
KLB037 Question Q37a. has a child of yours ever died
KLB038 Question Q38a. lost job at any point last 5 years
KLB039 Question Q39a. satisfied w/ pres financial status
KLB040 Question Q40a. ongoing health problem - yourself
KLB041 Question Q41a. fear of the worst happening
KLB042 Question Q42a. keep things in when angry or mad
KLB043 Question Q43. position on job ladder
KLB044 Question Q44. position on ladder change
KLB045 Question Q45. currently working
KLB046 Question Q46. put job before family
KLB047 Question Q47. put family before job
KLB048 Question makes personal resp difficult
KLB049 Question Q49a. unfairly given the tasks at work
KLB050 Question Q50a. satisfied with job
KLB051 Question Q51. who answered the questions
KVDATE System generated 2006 data model version
KVERSION System generated 2006 data release version