E. Family Structure (children) And Transfers (to Child)

E. Family Structure (children) And Transfers (to Child) module of HRS 2006

Label Type Description
HHID Question Household identification number
KSUBHH System generated 2006 sub household identification number
JSUBHH System generated 2004 sub household identification number
KPN_CS System generated 2006 coverscreen resp person number
KPN_FAM System generated 2006 family resp person number
KPN_FIN System generated 2006 financial resp person number
KPN_NCS System generated 2006 non-coverscreen resp person number
KPN_NFAM System generated 2006 non-family resp person number
KPN_NFIN System generated 2006 non-financial resp person number
OPN Question Other person number
KE076 Question Which child given largest amount
KE078 Question Give same amount to each
KE079 Question Which child/ren- same amount
KE081 System generated Amount transferred to children
KE083_B Question Transfer to child
KE086 Question Fin help/other kids/past 2 yrs
KVDATE Question 2006 data model version
KVERSION System generated 2006 data release version