D. Cognition (respondent)

D. Cognition (respondent) module of HRS 2006

Label Type Description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
KSUBHH System generated 2006 sub household identification number
JSUBHH System generated 2004 sub household identification number
KPN_SP System generated 2006 spouse/partner person number
KCSR System generated 2006 whether coversheet respondent
KFAMR System generated 2006 whether family respondent
KFINR System generated 2006 whether financial respondent
KD101 Question Rate memory
KD102 Question Rate memory past
KD103 Question Words preamble
KD104 Question D104 word list assignment
KD182 Question Word recall immediate
KD174 Question Number good - immediate
KD175 Question Number wrong - immediate
KD176 Question Number forgotten - immediate
KD177 Question None remembered - immediate - flag
KD108 Question asked of interviewer D108m iwer checkpoint
KD188 Question asked of interviewer Whether R used aids to recall words
KD110 Question Feeling depressed w/in prev wk
KD111 Question Felt activities were efforts
KD112 Question Was sleep restless w/in prev wk
KD113 Question Was r happy w/in prev wk
KD114 Question Loneliness felt w/in prev wk
KD115 Question Enjoyed life w/in prev wk
KD116 Question Felt sad w/in prev wk
KD117 Question Felt unmotivated w/in prev wk
KD118 Question Felt full of energy w/in prev wk
KD120 Question Count 20 - first try
KD122 Question Intro-end 1st try cnt backwards
KD124 Question Iwer check 20st try
KD125 Question Intro count backwards 2nd try
KD127 Question Intro end cnt backwards 2nd try
KD129 Question Iwer check 20- second try
KD135 Question Count 86- second try
KD137 Question D137 continue interview- end
KD139 Question Iwer check 86-2nd try
KD142 Question Series minus 7
KD143 Question Series minus 7- 2
KD144 Question Series minus 7- 3
KD145 Question Series minus 7- 4
KD146 Question Series minus 7- 5
KD189 Question asked of interviewer Whether R used aids in number subtraction
KD183 System generated Word recall delayed
KD184 System generated Number good - delayed
KD185 System generated Number wrong - delayed
KD186 System generated Number forgotten - delayed
KD187 System generated None remembered - delayed
KD150 Question Cognition intro
KD151 Question Todays date- month
KD152 Question Todays date- day
KD153 Question Todays date- year
KD154 Question Todays date- day of week
KD155 Question Tool used to cut paper
KD156 Question Name of prickly desert plant
KD157 Question Who is the president of us
KD170 System generated Tics score count
KD158 Question Who is the vice-president of us
KD159 Question D159 continue iw- vocab words
KD161 Question Meaning of repair/conceal
KD163 Question Meaning of fabric/enormous
KD165 Question Meaning of domestic/perimeter
KD167 Question Meaning of remorse/compassion
KD169 Question Meaning of plagiarize/audacious
KD178 Question Chance get disease
KD179 Question Lottery split 5 ways
KD180 Question Interest on savings
KD172 Question D172 flag assist - d
KD171 Question Assist section d - cognitive
KD501 Question Rate memory- proxy
KD502 Question Compare mem to prev wave- proxy
KD505 Question Mem/intelligence intro- proxy
KD506 Question Rate R at remembering things- proxy
KD507 Question Organization improved- proxy
KD508 Question Organization worse- proxy
KD509 Question Rate R at remembering recent events- proxy
KD510 Question Remembering recent events improved- proxy
KD511 Question Remembering recent events worse- proxy
KD512 Question Rate R at conversation recall- proxy
KD513 Question Conversation recall improved- proxy
KD514 Question Conversation recall worse- proxy
KD515 Question Rate remembering own phone num- proxy
KD516 Question Remembering own phone num improve- proxy
KD517 Question Remembering own phone num worse- proxy
KD518 Question Rate remembering current dy/mo- proxy
KD519 Question Remembering current dy/mo improve- proxy
KD520 Question Remembering current dy/mo worse- proxy
KD521 Question Rate remembering where things kept- proxy
KD522 Question Where things are kept improved- proxy
KD523 Question Where things are kept worse- proxy
KD524 Question Rate finding things in diff places- proxy
KD525 Question Finding things improved- proxy
KD526 Question Finding things worse- proxy
KD527 Question Rate working with familiar machines- proxy
KD528 Question Working with familiar machines impr- proxy
KD529 Question Working with familiar machines worse- proxy
KD530 Question Rate learning new machines- proxy
KD531 Question Learning new machines improved- proxy
KD532 Question Learning new machines worse- proxy
KD533 Question Rate learning new things in general- proxy
KD534 Question Learning ability improve- proxy
KD535 Question Learning ability worse- proxy
KD536 Question Rate ability to follow story- proxy
KD537 Question Ability to follow story improve- proxy
KD538 Question Ability to follow story worse- proxy
KD539 Question Rate making decisions- proxy
KD540 Question Make decisions improve- proxy
KD541 Question Make decisions worse- proxy
KD542 Question Rate handling shopping money- proxy
KD543 Question Handling shopping money improve- proxy
KD544 Question Handling shopping money worse- proxy
KD545 Question Rate handling finances- proxy
KD546 Question Handling finances improve- proxy
KD547 Question Handling finances worse- proxy
KD548 Question Rate handling daily arithmetic probs- proxy
KD549 Question Handling arithmetic problems improve- proxy
KD550 Question Handling arithmetic problems worse- proxy
KD551 Question Rate reasoning- proxy
KD552 Question Reasoning improve- proxy
KD553 Question Reasoning worse- proxy
KD554 Question Get lost in familiar places- proxy
KD555 Question Wander off- proxy
KD556 Question Can r be left alone- proxy
KD557 Question Does r hallucinate- proxy
KD202 Question Request to remind iwer
KD203 Question Request to remind iwer time
KD204 Question asked of interviewer Time respondent reminded iwer to check
KD205 Question asked of interviewer Prospective memory iwer check
KD206 Question asked of interviewer Aid r used to iwer to check time
KD211 Question asked of interviewer Time r reminded iwer to check time
KVDATE System generated 2006 data model version
KVERSION System generated 2006 data release version