I. Physical Measures (respondent)

I. Physical Measures (respondent) module of HRS 2004

Label Type Description
HHID Question Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
JSUBHH System generated 2004 sub household identification number
HSUBHH System generated 2002 sub household identification number
JPN_SP System generated 2004 spouse/partner person number
JCSR System generated 2004 whether coversheet respondent
JFAMR System generated 2004 whether family respondent
JFINR System generated 2004 whether financial respondent
JI800 Question Physical measures ftf iw
JI801 Question Certified physical measures
JI850 System generated Physical measure assignment
JI802 Question Physical measures consent form
JI803 Question R elegible for physical measures
JI804 Question Breathing test at least one trial
JI805 Question Reason not complete breathing test
JI807 Question Physical measures puff test reading
JI808 Question Physical measures puff test reading- 2
JI809 Question Physical measures puff test reading- 3
JI810 Question Breathing test effort
JI811 Question R position for breathing test
JI812 Question Hand strength at least one trial
JI813 Question Reason hand strength test not complete
JI815 Question Hand strength dominant hand
JI816 Question First left hand measurement
JI851 Question Right hand first measurement
JI852 Question Left hand second measurement
JI853 Question Right hand second measurement
JI817 Question R effort hand strength test
JI818 Question R position hand strength test
JI819 Question Rest arm during hand strength test
JI820 Question Walking test complete at least one trial
JI821 Question Reason not complete walking test
JI823 Question Walking test first trial time
JI824 Question Walking test second trial time
JI825 Question Walking test- type of floor surface
JI828 Question Walking test- type of aid used
JI830 Question Walking test- r effort
JI831 Question R height
JI832 Question Measure height- not complete
JI834 Question Height measurement
JI835 Question Height measurment- floor surface
JI837 Question Height measurement- r wearing shoes
JI838 Question Able to measure weight
JI839 Question Reason not complete weight measurement
JI841 Question R weight- pounds
JI842 Question Weight- floor surface
JI844 Question Weight- wearing shoes
JI845 Question Finish physical measures
JVDATE Question 2004 data model version
JVERSION System generated 2004 data release version