IO. Interviewer Observations (Respondent)

IO. Interviewer Observations (Respondent) module of HRS 2002 Exit

item label type description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
SUBHH System generated 2002 sub-household identification number
GSUBHH System generated 2000 sub-household identification number
PN_SP System generated 2002 spouse person identification number
RESCD Question Result code
003 Question Verify assigned ftf contact
004 Question Main contact for call
005 Question Rate vocabulary
006 Question R ask questions about survey
009 Question Proxy/informant relationship to r
012 Question Any comments made by r
021 Question Reason for suspend/prob
022 Question Often ask how long iw
023 Question Often ask why need information
024 Question Often seem embarrassed
025 Question Often guess answer
026 Question Often use poor grammar
027 Question Often avoid eye contact
028 Question Often talk soft
029 Question Often distracted
030 Question Often concerned about confidentiality
031 Question Often ask repeat question
032 Question Often ask meaning of question
033 Question Often answer inappropriate
034 Question Rate friendliness
035 Question Rate attentiveness
036 Question Rate understanding
037 Question Rate cooperation
038 Question Rate tiredness
039 Question Rate enjoyment
040 Question Rate memory - io
041 Question Rate hearing - io
042 Question Iwer obs/impression
043 Question Rate truth in financial questions
044 Question Rate truth to questions - general
045 Question R upset during iw
046 Question What do when upset
047 Question Upset at end of interview
048 Question Tired at end of interview
049 Question Rate general quality of iw
050 Question Why questionable quality
051 Question Seating arrangement
052 Question Was screen visible
053 Question Laptop location
054 Question Rate effort
055 Question Anyone present during interview
056 Question Who present interview
057 Question Amount present interview
058 Question Amount distracted
059 Question Contact at home
060 Question Iwr first time in neighborhood
061 Question Type of home
062 Question Housing unit locked
064 Question Number stories in housing unit
066 Question Number of rooms in housing unit
067 Question Rate size of rooms
068 Question Rate cleanliness
069 Question Iwer obs housing unit
070 Question Distance to nearest home/bldg
071 Question Type of housing in area
072 Question Rate upkeep near-by structures
073 Question Features of housing unit
075 Question Present near housing unit
076 Question Rate relative maintanance
077 System generated Number of calls to respondent/hh
078 Question Type of interview
079 System generated Mode of interview
080 System generated Preferred mode
IOVDATE System generated 2002 obs data model version
VERSION System generated 2002 exit final release version number
QNR System generated Blaise identification number
Start of IO. Interviewer Observations (Respondent)

End of IO. Interviewer Observations (Respondent)