E. Family Structure (Respondent)

E. Family Structure (Respondent) module of HRS 2002 Exit

item label type description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
SUBHH System generated 2002 sub-household identification number
GSUBHH System generated 2000 sub-household identification number
PN_SP System generated 2002 spouse person identification number
E100 Question Grandchildren
E046 Question # grandchildren total
E047 Question Great-grandchildren
E048 Question # great-grandchildren
E049 System generated E049- any offspring r/sp
E050 Question Intro to child transfers
E059 Question Intro to help given or received
E060 Question Care of grandkids00 or more hours
E061 Question Which child/ren is parent
E063 Question R care for grandchild- # hours
E063_B Question R care for grandchild (bracket values)
E068 Question Sp/p care for grandchild- # hours
E068_B Question Sp/p care for grandchild (bracket values)
E073 Question Since prev wave child given deed to home
E074 Question Which child on deed
E075 Question Since prev wave transfer to kids
E087 Question Transfer from kids- past 2yrs
VDATE System generated 2002 data model version
VERSION System generated 2002 exit final release version number
QNR System generated Blaise identification number
Start of E. Family Structure (Respondent)

End of E. Family Structure (Respondent)