D. Cognition (Respondent)

D. Cognition (Respondent) module of HRS 2002 Exit

Label Type Description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
SUBHH System generated 2002 sub-household identification number
GSUBHH System generated 2000 sub-household identification number
PN_SP System generated 2002 spouse person identification number
D501 Question Rate memory- pc
D503 Question Rate judgement- pc
D504 Question Rate organization skills- pc
D505 Question Mem/intelligence intro- pc
D506 Question Rate r at remembering things- pc
D507 Question Organization improved- pc
D508 Question Organization worse- pc
D509 Question Rate r at remembering recent events- pc
D510 Question Remembering recent events improved- pc
D511 Question Remembering recent events worse- pc
D512 Question Rate r at conversation recall- pc
D513 Question Conversation recall improved- pc
D514 Question Conversation recall worse- pc
D515 Question Rate remembering own phone num- pc
D516 Question Remembering own phone num improve- pc
D517 Question Remembering own phone num worse- pc
D518 Question Rate remembering current dy/mo- pc
D519 Question Remembering current dy/mo improve- pc
D520 Question Remembering current dy/mo worse- pc
D521 Question Rate remembering where things kept- pc
D522 Question Where things are kept improved- pc
D523 Question Where things are kept worse- pc
D524 Question Rate finding things in diff places- pc
D525 Question Finding things improved- pc
D526 Question Finding things worse- pc
D527 Question Rate working with familiar machines- pc
D528 Question Working with familiar machines impr- pc
D529 Question Working with familiar machines worse- pc
D530 Question Rate learning new machines- pc
D531 Question Learning new machines improved- pc
D532 Question Learning new machines worse- pc
D533 Question Rate learning new things in general- pc
D534 Question Learning ability improve- pc
D535 Question Learning ability worse- pc
D536 Question Rate ability to follow story- pc
D537 Question Ability to follow story improve- pc
D538 Question Ability to follow story worse- pc
D539 Question Rate making decisions- pc
D540 Question Make decisions improve- pc
D541 Question Make decisions worse- pc
D542 Question Rate handling shopping money- pc
D543 Question Handling shopping money improve- pc
D544 Question Handling shopping money worse- pc
D545 Question Rate handling finances- pc
D546 Question Handling finances improve- pc
D547 Question Handling finances worse- pc
D548 Question Rate handling daily arithmetic probs- pc
D549 Question Handling arithmetic problems improve- pc
D550 Question Handling arithmetic problems worse- pc
D551 Question Rate reasoning- pc
D552 Question Reasoning improve- pc
D553 Question Reasoning worse- pc
D554 Question Get lost in familiar places- pc
D555 Question Wander off- pc
D556 Question Can r be left alone- pc
D557 Question Does r hallucinate- pc
D558 Question Does r get hostile/angry- pc
D559 Question Does r have difficulty sleeping- pc
D560 Question Has r done dangerous things- pc
D561 Question Does r rock or pace- pc
D562 Question Does r mention plotting/harm against- pc
D563 Question Does r drink too much- pc
VDATE System generated 2002 data model version
VERSION System generated 2002 exit final release version number
QNR System generated Blaise identification number