A. Coverscreen (Respondent)

A. Coverscreen (Respondent) module of HRS 2002 Exit

item label type description
HHID System generated Household identification number
PN System generated Respondent person identification number
SUBHH System generated 2002 sub-household identification number
GSUBHH System generated 2000 sub-household identification number
PN_SP System generated 2002 spouse person identification number
CSR System generated 2002 exit whether coverscreen respondent
A500 System generated Date of interview - month
A501 System generated Date of interview - year
A009 Question asked of interviewer Proxy/self interview
A010 Question asked of interviewer Current - wave proxy
A103 Question asked of interviewer Proxy relationship to r
A012 Question asked of interviewer Change language
MODE System generated Mode of interview
A013 Question Intro confidentiality
A121 Question Date of death- month
A123 Question Date of death- year
A124 Question Location of death
A126M Question R died- state - masked
A129M Question R death certificate- state - masked
A131 Question Death expected/unexpected
A133M Question Cause of death-masked
A134 Question Duration final illness/death
R_AGE System generated Rage
A019 System generated R current age calculation
A020 Question 1st r same sp/p
A023 Question Previous wave sp/p alive
A024 Question Mo couple stop living together/die
A025 Question Year couple stopped live together/die
A026 Question R married
A027 Question Living w/p
A028 Question R in nursing home
A061 System generated Last calendar yr calculated
A062 System generated Two years ago
A063 System generated Elapsed months from now to two yrs ago
A064 System generated Num mo from prev wave iw to two yrs ago
A114 System generated Prev wave iw year
A030 Question Couple live together
A031 Question Mo r and sp/p stop living in same hh
A032 Question Yr r and sp/p stop living in same hh
A033 Question Sp/p in nurshome
A034 Question Married or separated
A035 Question Separated/partnered
A038 System generated Current coupleness
A036 Question Mo started living with new sp/p
A037 Question Year started living with new sp/p
SP_AGE System generated Sp age
A042 Question asked of interviewer Sp age 65 or older
A044 System generated Sp/p current age calculation
A045 System generated R has new spouse or partner
A050 System generated New cohort-choose fin r
A051 System generated R family/financial type - temporary
A052 System generated Sp/p family/financial type - temporary
A053 Question Prev wave r type
A055 Question Fam/fin this wave
A056 System generated Sp/p family/financial type - changed
A065 Question Month moved to nh
A066 Question Year moved to nurs home
A068M Question Region facility located - masked
A070 Question Nh: still own/rent home
A071 Question Same resid as prev wave #1
A072 Question Same city/st resid # 1
A073 Question Same resid as prev wave #2
A074 Question Same city/st resid #2
A076M Question asked of interviewer Current residence state - masked
A079 Question Other homes/apts
A081M Question Other residence state - masked
A084 System generated Assign 1 or 2 residences
A085 Question Main residence
A136 Question Move in- move out before death
A137 Question Moved in- who
A138 Question Moved in- who- child
A139 Question Moved in- child- stayed longest
A140 Question Duration child stayed
A141 Question Duration child stayed- period
A142 Question R move in/out before death
A143 Question R moved in- who
A144 Question R moved in- who- child
A145 Question R moved in- child- stayed longest
A146 Question Duration r stayed w/ child
A147 Question Duration r stayed w/ child- period
A148 Question R/child move closer to each other
A149 Question Move closer- which child
A150 Question Who moved- r or child
A151 Question Temp or permanent move
A098 System generated Count of hhm
A099 System generated Number of resident children
A100 System generated Count of nonresident kids
A101 System generated Count of kids - not their spouses
A102 System generated Count of move in/out
A106 System generated Count of contact kids
A113 System generated Count of child childlaw and grandchild
VDATE System generated 2002 data model version
VERSION System generated 2002 exit final release version number
QNR System generated Blaise identification number
Start of A. Coverscreen (Respondent)

End of A. Coverscreen (Respondent)