ER. Effort & Reward

ER. Effort & Reward module of ELSA 2008

Label Type Description
IDAUNIQ System generated unique individual serial number
ERINCAR Question
ERRESIN Question
ERCAX Question details of other person cared for
ERCABZ Question relation to person/people
ERCAB Question relationship to person/people
ERINTV Question
ERIVIN Question
ERFVOFT Question
ERFVIN Question
ERIN Question
ERFVOL Question Show card i1 in the last 12 months, that is, since MONTH YEAR, have you given any unpaid help to any groups, clubs or organisations in any of the ways shown on this card? code all that apply. probe 'what else?'
ERMOTIV Question Reasons for doing voluntary work
ERIVOL Question Show card i3 in the last 12 months, that is, since ^dmthyrago, have you done any of these things, unpaid, for someone who was not a relative? code all that apply.
ERIVOFT Question Over the last 12 months that is since ^dmthyrago, about how often have you done this kind of thing/all the things you have mentioned. would you say... read out...
ERVOLA Question Whether satisfied with gains from voluntary work
ERVOLB Question Whether adequately appreciated for voluntary work
ERCAA Question Whether looked after anyone in past week
ERCABNUM Question Number of people looked after in last week
ERTOTNUM Question Derived: total number of people looked after in past week
ERCALIVE Question Whether person cared for lives with R
ERCADPN Question asked of interviewer Interviewer: person number of each person cared for
ERCAC Question Hours caring in the past week
ERMOTIVA Question Reasons for caring for someone
ERRESCK Question May i check, is there anyone (living with ^YOUNAME/not living with ^YOUNAME)
ERRESBK Question If ^YOUNAME wanted a break for a few hours (during the time ^HESHE would usually look after him/her) would someone else have to look after him/her?
ERRESRY Question Is there anyone whom you could rely on to look after him/her either at home or elsewhere?
ERRESER Question Show card i5 in the last year have you made use of any of the following in order to give you a break? code all that apply.
ERRESOF Question How often do you use any of these services that involves daytime respite... out...
ERRESON Question How often do you use a service that involves overnight respite... out...
ERCARA Question Whether satisfied with gains from caring
ERCARB Question Whether adequately appreciated for caring
PSCEDA Question Whether felt depressed much of the time last week
PSCEDB Question Whether felt that activities were an effort past week
PSCEDC Question Whether sleep was restless past week
PSCEDD Question Whether happy last week
PSCEDE Question Whether felt lonely past week
PSCEDF Question Whether enjoyed life past week
PSCEDG Question Whether felt sad past week
PSCEDH Question Whether could not get going past week
PSAGF Question How old do you feel that you are? interviewer: enter age in years.
PSAGL Question What age would you like to be? interviewer: enter age in years.