FQ. Final Questions

FQ. Final Questions module of ELSA 2004

Label Type Description
FQEIREL Question relationship to deceased
FQNRRFO Question other reason for refusal
FQAPT Question who arranged nurse visit
FQAPREM Question respondent not to fast
FQCONA Question additional health consent
FQCONC Question accepted reminder form
FQNHSC Question given HES consent
FQNHSCS Question signed HES consent form
FQEIINT Question proxy to answer exit interview
FQEILAT Question resp approached for exit interview
FQEIANY Question give details of exit informant
FQEINOAR Question collect contact details for nominated person
FQEIHMEM Question person number potential exit interview resp
FQNURRF Question reason for refusing nurse contact
FQEIARF Question Open an ERF (Exit Record Form)
FQEIWH Question whether interviewer to follow-up
FQEIAPT Question Arrange appointment
FQEITU Question telephone details of exit respondent
FQEIBT Question time convenient for telephone call
FQEIBD Question day convenient for telephone call
FQMIPRX Question give institution proxy details
FQMIADD Question give institution details
TITL Question respondent details
ADDR Question respondent address
TEL Question respondent telephone number
EMAIL Question respondent email
FQNURSE Question agreed nurse visit
CONRECB Question NINO consent given
CONRECA Question Health consent given
FQCBTHD Question W1 Country of Birth
FQQUALD Question W2 Qualifications
ALLOCP Question Please enter the person number
IDAUNIQ System generated unique individual serial number
FQNR Question FqNr
FQETHN Question ethnic group
FQWCULT Question white cultural background
FQBCG Question mixed ethnic cultural background
FQBACK Question black cultural background
FQCBAC Question asian cultural background
FQCULB Question other cultural background
FQCULTO Question other cultural background
FQCUL Question cultural background
FQCBTH Question country of birth
FQQUAZ Question qualification type
FQOQ Question qualification name
FQPROX Question give proxy nomination
FQADDR Question give stable address
FQSTC Question confirm stable address
FQADDP Question proxy informant details
FQETHNR System generated Ethnicity recoded into white and non-white
FQCBTHR System generated Country of birth recoded into UK and non-UK
FQCENG Question Year of arrival in England
FQMQUA Question Whether obtained further qualifications since last interview
FQAQUA Question Whether has certain qualifications
FQQUAL Question Which of certain qualification R has
FQEND Question Age finished full-time education
FQHELP Question asked of interviewer Whether respondent needed any help reading the show cards
FQCONS Question Consents
FQCONB Question additional economic consent