MM. Timed Walk

MM. Timed Walk module of ELSA 2004

Label Type Description
MTHANK Question INTERVIEWER: The Measurements Interview is finished. - to return to the Individual Qre, press - to start another Individual Qre, press - to update the Admin details, press
MMX Question current time and date
MMCOM Question details of unsuccessful walking test
MMAIDO Question other type of walking aid used
MMRECRO Question other type of floor surface
MMTRYA Question result of first walking test
MMWALB Question Now I want you to repeat the walk. Remember to walk at your usual pace, and go all the way past the other end of the course.
MMTRYB Question result of second walking test
MMSTRT Question When I want you to start, I will say: 'Ready, begin!' INTERVIEWER: Ask the respondent to stand with both feet together at the start of the walking course. When the respondent is properly positioned at the start of the
MMSTOP Question INTERVIEWER: Stop test, for example saying: 'It would be safest to skip this test and move on to the next set of questions.
MINTDAT Question date at beginning of MM section
MFIRST Question INTERVIEWER: This is the Measurements Qre for... ^NAME
IDAUNIQ System generated unique individual serial number
MMSCHS Question asked of interviewer Interviewer recorded respondent status
MMALONE Question Ability to walk alone
MMHSS Question Medical conditions that would preclude walking
MMWILL Question Willingness to do the test
MMSAF Question asked of interviewer Whether interviewer feels test is safe
MMAVSP Question asked of interviewer Does interviewer feel there is suitable space?
MMWALA Question Whether timed walk feels safe
MMWLKA Question Results of first walking trial (time)
MMWLKB Question Results of second walking trial (time)
MMPAIN Question asked of interviewer Whether pain performing walking task
MMRECR Question asked of interviewer Type of floor surface
MMAID Question asked of interviewer Type of aid used
MMCOMZ Question Why walking test not completed