XT. End-of-Life Interview

This module is answered by proxy collecting information about respondent who deceased between last wave and current wave. Information collected includes date of death, location of death, cause of death, final length of illness, medical care utilization before death, medical care costs, deceased's home, estate and who inherited them.

Label Type Description
MERGEID System generated Person identifier (fix across modules and waves)
HHID3 System generated Household identifier wave 3
COUNTRY System generated Country identifier
WAVEID System generated Identifier of original wave
SPLIT System generated Household split identifier
LANGUAGE System generated Language of questionnaire
XT006 Question asked of interviewer Proxy respondent's sex
XT002 Question Relationship to the deceased
XT005 Question How often contact last twelve months
XT007 Question Year of birth proxy
XT101 Question Confirmation deceased year of birth
XT102 Question Deceased month of birth
XT103 Question Deceased year of birth
XT104 Question asked of interviewer Sex of decendent
XT008 Question Month of decease
XT009 Question Year of decease
XT010 Question Age at the moment of decease
XT109 Question Deceased married at time of death
XT039 Question Number of children the deceased had at the end
XT011 Question The main cause of death
XT013 Question How long been ill before decease
XT014 Question Place of dying
XT015 Question Times in hospital last year before dying
XT016 Question Total time in hospital last year before dying
XT018 Question Had type of medical care in the last twelve months
XT019 Question Costs of type of medical care in the last twelve months
XT105 Question Difficulties remembering where
XT106 Question Difficulties remembering the year
XT107 Question Difficulties recognizing
XT020 Question Introduction difficulties doing activities
XT022 Question Anyone helped with adl
XT023 Question Who has helped with adl
XT024 Question Time the deceased received help
XT025 Question Hours of help necessary during typical day
XT026B Question The deceased had a will
XT027 Question The beneficiaries of the estate
XT030 Question The deceased owned home
XT031 Question Value home after mortgages
XT032 Question Who inherited the home of the deceased
XT033 Question The deceased owned any life insurance policies
XT034 Question Value of all life insurance policies
XT035 Question Beneficiaries of the life insurance policies
XT037 Question The deceased owned type of assets
XT038 Question Value type of assets
XT040A Question Total estate divided among the children
XT040B Question Some children received more for caring
XT040C Question Some children received more to give them financial
XT040D Question Some children received more for caring
XT040E Question Some children received more for other reasons
XT041 Question The funeral was accompanied by a religious ceremony
XT043 Question asked of interviewer Interview mode