GL. General Life

This module is about respondent's general life experiences. Questions asked about period of happiness, stress, poor health, financial hardship and hunger. Start and stop each period are also recorded. This module also collects information about discrimination experience.

Label Type Description
MERGEID System generated Person identifier (fix across modules and waves)
HHID3 System generated Household identifier wave 3
COUNTRY System generated Country identifier
WAVEID System generated Identifier of original wave
SPLIT System generated Household split identifier
LANGUAGE System generated Language of questionnaire
CVID System generated Coverscreen sequence identifier (wave specific)
GL002 Question Period of happiness
GL003 Question When happiness period started
GL004 Question When happiness period stopped
GL005 Question Period of stress
GL006 Question When stress period started
GL007 Question When stress period stopped
GL008 Question Period of poor health
GL009 Question When poor health period started
GL010 Question When poor health period stopped
GL011 Question Period of financial hardship
GL012 Question When financial hardship period started
GL013 Question When financial hardship period stopped
GL014 Question Period of hunger
GL015 Question When hunger period started
GL016 Question When hunger period stopped
GL018 Question Anything that has happened
GL022 Question Discriminated against
GL023 Question Main reason of persecution
GL024 Question Forced to stop working
GL025 Question Stopped jobs because of persecution
GL026 Question Experiences in job
GL027 Question Which jobs consequence of persecution
GL028 Question Difficulties finding a job because of reason for persecution
GL029 Question First experience difficulties finding a job
GL031 Question Dispossessed because of reason for persecution
GL030 Question Camp because of reason for persecution
GL033 Question When property taken away
GL032 Question Type of property
GL034 Question Compensated
GL035 Question Another time dispossessed of any property
GL036 Question asked of interviewer Proxy check