FQ. Final Questions

Miscellaneous information that does not easily fit elsewhere is collected in the Final Questions Module. Classificatory information on ethnic group, country of birth, education is collected. This module also ask consent from respondents for further information, a third party who can act as contact should the respondent move and also someone who could be their proxy if they become unable to answer for themselves.

Label Type Description
IDAUNIQ System generated Unique individual serial number
FQETHN Question Ethnicity
FQWCULT Question Cultural background, whites
FQBCG Question Cultural background, mixed ethnicities
FQBACK Question Cultural background, blacks
FQCBAC Question Cultural background, Asians
FQCULB Question Cultural background, other ethnicities
FQCULTO Question Cultural background description
FQCBTH Question Country of birth
FQCENG Question Year of arrival in England
FQMQUA Question Whether obtained further qualifications since last interview
FQQUAL Question Qualifications obtained
FQEND Question Age finished full-time education
FQHELP Question asked of interviewer Whether respondent needed any help reading the show cards