A: COVERSCREEN (Respondent)

A: COVERSCREEN (Respondent) module of HRS 2008 Post-Exit

Label Type Description
HHID Question Household identification number
PN Question Respondent person identification number
VPSUBHH Question 2008 sub-household identification number
KSUBHH Question 2006 sub-household identification number
VPPN_SP Question 2008 spouse person identification number
VPEXITIW Question Year of exit interview
VPA500 Question Date of interview - month
VPA501 Question Date of interview - year
VPA165 Question Intro confidentiality 1
VPA013 Question Intro confidentiality 2
VPA010 Question Current wave proxy - same as last wave
VPA103 Question Proxy relationship to r
VPA152 Question Intro to post exit
VPA012 Question Select language
VPVDATE Question 2008 data model version
VPVERSN Question 2008 post-exit release version number