PR: PRELOAD (Respondent)

PR: PRELOAD (Respondent) module of HRS 2008 Post-Exit

Label Type Description
HHID Question Household identification number
PN Question Respondent person identification number
VPSUBHH Question 2008 sub-household identification number
KSUBHH Question 2006 sub-household identification number
VPPN_SP Question 2008 spouse person identification number
VPEXITIW Question Year of exit interview
VPZ004 Question R month born
VPZ023 Question Prev wave which cohort
VPX026M Question 1st address state-masked
VPX027 Question Has 2nd residence
VPX030M Question 2nd address state-masked
VPX032 Question Own 2nd residence
VPZ080 Question Prev wave r marital status
VPZ092 Question Prev wave iw month
VPZ093 Question Prev wave iw year
VPX060_R Question Sex of individual-updated -1
VPX065_R Question Coupleness status of individual-updated
VPX067_R Question Year born-updated
VPZ077 Question Prev wave r orig samp member
VPZ096 Question Prev wave proxy rtr
VPZ129 Question Prev wave month of death
VPZ131 Question Prev wave year of death
VPZ145 Question Prev wave type post exit interview
VPZ146 Question Prev wave ask home/will/trust
VPX502 Question Preassigned random value -1
VPX503 Question Preassigned random value -1
VPX505 Question Preassigned random value -1
VPX511 Question Preassigned random value -1
VPVDATE Question 2008 data model version
VPVERSN Question 2008 post-exit release version number