PR: Preload (Respondent)

PR: Preload (Respondent) module of 2004 HRS Post-Exit

Label Type Description
HHID Question Household identification number
PN Question Respondent person identification number
TPSUBHH Question 2004 sub-household identification number
HSUBHH Question 2002 sub-household identification number
TPPN_SP Question 2004 spouse person identification number
TPEXITIW Question Year of exit interview
TPZ004 Question R month born -1
TPZ023 Question Prev wave which cohort
TPX026M Question 1st address state - masked
TPX027 Question Has 2nd residence
TPX030M Question 2nd address state - masked
TPX032 Question Own 2nd residence
TPZ080 Question Prev wave r marital status
TPZ092 Question Prev wave first r iw month
TPZ093 Question Prev wave first r iw year
TPX060_R Question Sex of individual -1
TPX065_R Question Coupleness status of individual -1
TPX067_R Question Year born -1
TPZ077 Question Prev wave r orig samp member
TPZ096 Question Prev wave proxy rtr
TPZ129 Question Month of death
TPZ131 Question Year of death
TPZ145 Question Type post exit interview
TPZ146 Question Ask home/will/trust
TPZ193 Question Prefered mode of iwer
TPVDATE Question 2004 data model version
TPVERSN Question 2004 post-exit release version number