A: Coverscreen (Respondent)

A: Coverscreen (Respondent) module of 2002 HRS Post-Exit

Label Type Description
HHID Question Household identification number
PN Question Respondent person identification number
SPSUBHH Question 2002 sub-household identification number
SPPN_SP Question 2002 spouse person identification number
SPEXITIW Question Wave of exit interview
SPPX98 Question Hrs 1998 post exit interview
SPPX00 Question Hrs 2000 post exit interview
SPA500 Question Date of interview - month
SPA501 Question Date of interview - year
SPA114 Question Prev wave iw year
SPA013 Question Intro confidentiality
SPA121 Question Date of death- month
SPA123 Question Date of death- year
SPA008 Question R sex
SPA010 Question Current - wave proxy
SPA103 Question Proxy relationship to r
SPA152 Question Intro to post exit
SPA012 Question Change language
SPA009 Question Proxy/self interview
SPQNR Question Blaise identification number
SPVERSN Question 2002 post exit version number