CS: Cover Screen (Respondent)

CS: Cover Screen (Respondent) module of 2000 HRS Post-Exit

Label Type Description
HHID Question Household identifier
PN Question Person number
RPSUBHH Question Hrs 2000 sub-household identifier
RPPN_SP Question Spouse/partner person number
RPQNR Question 2000 hrs post exit case number
RPEXITIW Question Wave of exit interview
RPPX98 Question Hrs 1998 post exit interview
RP481 Question Preload coupleness
RP482 Question Preload cohort
RP490 Question R gender
RP514 Question Proxy/self interview
RP515 Question Current-wave proxy same
RP516 Question (cs2)-proxy rel to deceased
RP604 Question Sp alive
RP757 Question R sex
RP768 Question Cur month text
RP770 Question Cur year yyyy
RP893 Question Cs # children
RPVERSN Question 2000 post exit version number