What was your occupation? Please specify.
Item type: Question
Question text:
What was your occupation? Please specify.
Answer type: Enumerated
Answer choices:
1 Legislators, senior officials and Managers
1.1 Legislators and senior officials
1.2 Corporate managers
1.3 General managers
2 Professionals
2.1 Physical, mathematical and engineering science professionals
2.2 Life science and health professionals
2.3 Teaching professionals
2.4 Other professionals
3 Technicians and associate professionals
3.1 Physical and engineering science associate professionals
3.2 Life sciences and health associate professionals
3.3 Teaching associate professionals
3.4 Other associate professionals
4 Clerks
4.1 Office clerks
4.2 Customer service clerks
5 Service workers and shop & market sales workers
5.1 Personal and protective service workers
5.2 Models, sales persons and demonstrators
6 Skilled agricultural and fishery workers
6.1 Market oriented skilled agricultural and fishery workers
6.2 Subsistence agricultural and fishery workers
7 Craft and related trade workers
7.1 Extraction and building trades workers
7.2 Metal, machinery and related trades workers
7.3 Precision, handicraft a, printing and related trade workers
8 Plant and machine operators and assemblers
8.1 Stationary plant and related operators
8.2 Machine operators and assemblers
8.3 Drivers and mobile-plant operators
9 Elementary occupations
9.1 Sales and services elementary occupations
9.2 Agricultural, fishery and related laborers
9.3 Laborers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transport
10 Workers not classified anywhere
10.1 Workers reporting occupations unidentified or inadequately described
10.2 Workers not reporting any occupation
11 Other, please specify___________
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