Transfer from other child
Item type: Question
Question text:
(Since [PREV WAVE IW MONTH], [PREV WAVE IW YEAR]/Since [PREV WAVE IW YEAR]/In the last two years before ______ death), did [RESPONDENT FIRST NAME] (or (you/______ (husband/wife/partner))) receive financial help totaling $500 or more from any other child (or grandchild)?

DEFINITION: (By financial help we mean giving money, helping pay bills, or covering specific types of costs such as those for medical care OR insurance, schooling, down payment for a home, rent, etc. The financial help can be considered support, a gift or a loan.)
Answer type: Enumerated
Answer choices:
1. Yes
5. No
8. Don't know; not ascertained
9. Refused
Blank. Inapplicable