INTERVIEWER: Record final outcome code.
Item type: Question
Question text:
INTERVIEWER: Record final outcome code.
Answer type: Enumerated
Answer choices:
113 Complete face-to-face interview
213 Partial face-to-face interview
323 No contact with anyone at the household
333 No contact with any responsible adult at the household
413 Office Refusal
433 Refusal at introduction / before interview
443 Refusal during interview
453 Broken appointment - No re-contact
513 Ill at home during survey period
523 Away or in hospital all survey period
533 Physically or mentally unable/incompetent
543 Language difficulties
563 OFFICE USE ONLY - Other Unproductive
613 OFFICE APPROVAL ONLY - Not attempted
623 Inaccessible
633 Unable to locate address
643 Unknown whether address contains residential housing
653 Residential address - unknown whether occupied
673 Other unknown eligibility
703 Address does not exist
713 Not yet built/under construction
723 Demolished/derelict
733 Vacant/empty
743 Non-residential address e.g. business, school, office, factory etc
753 Address occupied, no resident household e.g. holiday/weekend homes
763 Communal Establishment/Institution (no private dwellings)
793 Other Ineligible
923 Telephone interview required