Gateway Project Meeting 2020

Please cite all information retrieved from the Gateway as follows: Gateway to Global Aging Data, Produced by the Program on Global Aging, Health & Policy, University of Southern California with funding from the National Institute on Aging (R01 AG030153)

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Title Presenter(s)
Gateway Project Overview, Progress, Thinking Forward Dr. Jinkook Lee
Gateway Users, Uses, Outreach, and Updates Drystan Phillips
End-of-Life Data Harmonization Dr. Jennifer Ailshire
Life-History Data Harmonization Dr. Morten Wahrendorf Dr. Christian Deindl
Estimating Exposures to Air Pollution Dr. Gavin Shaddick Matthew Thomas
HCAP Pre-statistical Harmonization Sandy Chien Codi Young Sara King
Pre-statistical Harmonization of HRS-HCAP and MexCog Dr. Emily Briceño Dr. Miguel Arce Rentería
Imputations in HCAP-Family Studies Dr. Erik Meijer
Statistical Harmonization of HCAP Studies Dr. Alden L. Gross