Harmonized LASI Creation Code

The Harmonized LASI Pilot dataset is created using data from the the LASI Pilot Data and LASI Pilot Biomarker Data. 

Download the Harmonized LASI Stata Creation Code.

To run the Harmonized LASI Creation Code in Stata:

  • Store LASI data files in one folder without any sub-folders. Store LASI imputation files in another folder.
  • Edit lines 12 - 14 of the Stata Creation Code to list the folder location of the LASI data, LASI imputation data, and the folder location where you would like to save the Harmonized LASI dataset. Make sure your dataset locations end in either a forward slash (/) or a backslash (\), depending on your operating system.

You can also download the Harmonized LASI Dataset directly from the The Gateway to Global Aging Data.