E. Health Care Services and Costs (Respondent)

This module is about health care utilization before the respondent died. Contents include hospital stays, doctor, prescription drugs, special facility or service, health care costs, activities of daily living and help.

Label Type Description
E_HHID Question Household Identifier
E_PN Question Person Number
E_CSUBHH Question 1994 Sub-household Identifier
E_PSUBHH Question 1996 Sub-household Identifier
E_PPN_SP Question 1996 Spouse / Partner Person Number
E_P1238 Question Ex1.HOSPITAL # NIGHTS - FINAL
E_P1239M1 Question Ex2.WHY ADMITTED - FINAL
E_P1239M2 Question Ex2.WHY ADMITTED - FINAL
E_P1239M3 Question Ex2.WHY ADMITTED - FINAL
E_P1245 Question E1. HOSPITAL-YR
E_P1246 Question E2. HOSPITAL TIMES
E_P1247 Question E3. HOSP-1 #NIGHTS
E_P1249 Question E3ax.HOSP - INTENSIVE CARE
E_P1250 Question E3bx.HOSP - LIFE SUPPORT
E_P1251 Question E3cx.HOSP - DIALYSIS
E_P1252 Question E3dx.HOSP - ANTIBIOTICS
E_P1253 Question E4. HOSP $ NOT COV
E_P1256 Question E4xax.MONTHS
E_P1257 Question E4xbx.DATE-MONTH
E_P1259 Question E4xdx.DATE-YEAR
E_P1261M1 Question E4ax.WHY ADMITTED - FINAL
E_P1261M2 Question E4ax.WHY ADMITTED - FINAL
E_P1262 Question E5. NURSING HOME-YR
E_P1263 Question E6. NURHM # TIMES
E_P1264 Question E7. NURHM-1 NIGHTS
E_P1265 Question E7a.NURHM-1 MONTHS
E_P1267 Question E8.NURHM NOT COV
E_P1269 Question E10. NURHM OR HOSP R PAY $
E_P1270 Question E10a. NURHM OR HOSP DK-1
E_P1271 Question E10b. NURHM OR HOSP DK-2
E_P1272 Question E10c. NURHM OR HOSP DK-3
E_P1273 Question E10d. NURHM OR HOSP DK-4
E_P1274 Question E10e. NURHM OR HOSP DK-5
E_P1275 Question Ex10f.HOSPICE # NIGHTS - FINAL
E_P1276 Question Ex10fa.MONTHS
E_P1280 Question Ex10g.HOSPICE-YR
E_P1281 Question Ex10h.HOSPICE # TIMES
E_P1282 Question Ex10j.HOSPICE-1 NIGHTS
E_P1283 Question Ex10k.HOSPICE NOT COV
E_P1284 Question Ex10m.HOSPICE R PAY $
E_P1285 Question Ex10n.HOSPICE DK-1
E_P1286 Question Ex10p.HOSPICE DK-2
E_P1287 Question Ex10q.HOSPICE DK-3
E_P1288 Question Ex10r.HOSPICE DK-4
E_P1289 Question Ex10s.HOSPICE DK-5
E_P1290 Question E11. DR TIMES
E_P1293 Question E13.DR, NOT COV
E_P1313 Question E18a.DOCTOR/OUT/DENTAL R PAY $
E_P1314 Question E18b. DK-1
E_P1315 Question E18c. DK-2
E_P1316 Question E18d. DK-3
E_P1317 Question E18e. DK-4
E_P1318 Question E18f. DK-5
E_P1325 Question E20. DRUGS-YR
E_P1329 Question E21. DRUGS, NOT COV
E_P1330 Question E21a.PRESCR R PAY $
E_P1331 Question E21b.PRESCR DK-1
E_P1332 Question E21c.PRESCR DK-2
E_P1333 Question E21d.PRESCR DK-3
E_P1334 Question E21e.PRESCR DK-4
E_P1335 Question E21f.PRESCR DK-5
E_P1341 Question E22.IN-HOME SERV
E_P1343 Question E23. IN-HOME R PAY $
E_P1355 Question E24.R USE SERVICE
E_P1362 Question E24a.SPECIAL R PAY $
E_P1363 Question E24b.SPECIAL DK-1
E_P1364 Question E24c.SPECIAL DK-2
E_P1365 Question E24d.SPECIAL DK-3
E_P1366 Question E24e.SPECIAL DK-4
E_P1367 Question E24f.SPECIAL DK-5
E_P1372 Question E25x.OTHER OUT-OF-POCKET
E_P1373 Question E25ax.OTHER R PAY $
E_P1374 Question E25bx.OTHER DK-1
E_P1375 Question E25cx.OTHER DK-2
E_P1376 Question E25dx.OTHER DK-3
E_P1377 Question E25ex.OTHER DK-4
E_P1378 Question E25fx.OTHER DK-5
E_P1380 Question E26x.TOTAL COST MEDICAL
E_P1381 Question E26a.TOTAL MEDICAL DK-1
E_P1382 Question E26b.TOTAL MEDICAL DK-2
E_P1383 Question E26c.TOTAL MEDICAL DK-3
E_P1384 Question E26d.TOTAL MEDICAL DK-4
E_P1386 Question E26dax.NON-MEDICAL R PAY $
E_P1387 Question E26dbx.NON-MEDICAL DK-1
E_P1388 Question E26dcx.NON-MEDICAL DK-2
E_P1389 Question E26ddx.NON-MEDICAL DK-3
E_P1390 Question E26dex.NON-MEDICAL DK-4
E_P1391 Question E26dfx.NON-MEDICAL DK-5
E_P1393 Question E27. OTHERS HELP $
E_P1394 Question E28. WHO HELP
E_P1395M1 Question E29. WHICH CHILD HELP $-1
E_P1395M2 Question E29. WHICH CHILD HELP $-1
E_P1395M3 Question E29. WHICH CHILD HELP $-1
E_P1395M4 Question E29. WHICH CHILD HELP $-1
E_P1397 Question E30.AMOUNT OF OTH HELP
E_P1400 Question E31x.DAYS IN BED
E_P1415 Question E72fx.ADL WALK HELP
E_P1416 Question E72gx.WALK HELP WHEN
E_P1417 Question E72hx.WALK YEARS
E_P1418 Question E72hx.WALK SINCE AGE
E_P1419 Question E72hx.WALK SINCE YEAR
E_P1425 Question E73fx.ADL DRESS HELP
E_P1426 Question E73gx.DRESS HELP WHEN
E_P1427 Question E72hx.DRESS YEARS
E_P1428 Question E72hx.DRESS SINCE AGE
E_P1429 Question E72hx.DRESS SINCE YEAR
E_P1435 Question E74fx.ADL BATHE HELP
E_P1436 Question E74gx.HOW LONG HELP BATH
E_P1437 Question E74hx.BATHE YEARS
E_P1438 Question E74hx.BATHE SINCE AGE
E_P1439 Question E74hx.BATHE SINCE YEAR
E_P1445 Question E75fx.ADL EAT HELP
E_P1446 Question E75gx.EAT HELP WHEN
E_P1447 Question E75hx.EAT YEARS
E_P1448 Question E75hx.EAT SINCE AGE
E_P1449 Question E75hx.EAT SINCE YEAR
E_P1458 Question E76fx.ADL BED HELP
E_P1459 Question E76gx.BED HELP WHEN
E_P1460 Question E76hx.BED YEARS
E_P1461 Question E76hx.BED SINCE AGE
E_P1462 Question E76hx.BED SINCE YEAR
E_P1468 Question E77fx.ADL TOILET HELP
E_P1469 Question E77gx.TOILET HELP WHEN
E_P1470 Question E77hx.TOILET YEARS
E_P1471 Question E77hx.TOILET SINCE AGE
E_P1472 Question E77hx.TOILET SINCE YEAR
E_P1499 Question E83.WHO HELP-11
E_P1505 Question E83a.TYPE HELPER-1
E_P1507 Question E83c. OTHER HELPERS-2
E_P1513 Question E84.WHO HELP-2
E_P1514 Question E84a.TYPE HELPER-2
E_P1521 Question E84c. OTHER HELPERS-3
E_P1522 Question E85.WHO HELP-3
E_P1523 Question E85a.TYPE HELPER-3
E_P1525 Question E85c. OTHER HELPERS-4
E_P1526 Question E86.WHO HELP-4
E_P1527 Question E86a.TYPE HELPER-4
E_P1529 Question E86c. OTHER HELPERS-5
E_P1530 Question E87.WHO HELP-5
E_P1531 Question E87a.TYPE HELPER-5
E_P1533 Question E87c. OTHER HELPERS-6
E_P1534 Question E88.WHO HELP-6
E_P1535 Question E88a.TYPE HELPER-6
E_P1537 Question E88c. OTHER HELPERS-7
E_P1538 Question E89.WHO HELP-7
E_P1539 Question E89a.TYPE HELPER-7
E_P1545 Question E92x.IADL TYPE INTRO
E_P1549 Question E95x.IADL MEALS HELP
E_P1550 Question E95bx.MEALS -WHY DONT
E_P1552 Question E95gx.MEAL HELP WHEN
E_P1553 Question E95hx.MEAL YEARS
E_P1554 Question E95hx.MEAL SINCE AGE
E_P1555 Question E95hx.MEAL SINCE YEAR
E_P1557 Question E96x.IADL GROC HELP
E_P1558 Question E96bx.SHOP -WHY DONT
E_P1560 Question E96gx.SHOP HELP WHEN
E_P1561 Question E96hx.SHOP YEARS
E_P1562 Question E96hx.SHOP SINCE AGE
E_P1563 Question E96hx.SHOP SINCE YEAR
E_P1565 Question E97x.IADL PHONE HELP
E_P1566 Question E97bx.TELEPHONE -WHY DONT
E_P1568 Question E97gx.PHONE HELP WHEN
E_P1569 Question E97hx.PHONE YEARS
E_P1570 Question E97hx.PHONE SINCE AGE
E_P1571 Question E97hx.PHONE SINCE YEAR
E_P1573 Question E98x.IADL MED HELP
E_P1574 Question E98bx.MED -WHY DON`T
E_P1577 Question E98hx.MEDICATION YEARS
E_P1581 Question E99.IADLS-WHO HELP,1
E_P1582 Question E99a.TYPE IADL HELPER-1
E_P1584 Question E99c.OTH IADL HELP-2
E_P1588 Question E100.IADLS-WHO HELP,2
E_P1589 Question E100a.TYPE IADL HELPER-2
E_P1591 Question E100c. IADL OTH HELP-3
E_P1593 Question E101.IADLS-WHO HELP,3
E_P1594 Question E101a.TYPE IADL HELPER-3
E_P1597 Question E101c. IADL OTH HELP-4
E_P1599 Question E102.IADLS-WHO HELP,4
E_P1600 Question E102a.TYPE IADL HELPER-4
E_P1603 Question E102c. IADL OTH HELP-5
E_P1605 Question E103.IADLS-WHO HELP,5
E_P1606 Question E103a.TYPE IADL HELPER-5
E_P1610 Question E103c.IADL OTH HELP-6
E_P1611 Question E104.IADLS-WHO HELP,6
E_P1612 Question E104a.TYPE IADL HELPER-6
E_P1640 Question E106cx.IADL MONEY WHO HELP,1
E_P1641 Question E106dx.MONEY -WHY DONT
E_P1645 Question E107. MONEY HELP-1
E_P1646 Question E107a.TYPE MONEY HELPER-1
E_P1653 Question E107c.IADL MONEY WHO HELP,2
E_P1659 Question E108. MONEY HELPER-2
E_P1660 Question E108a.TYPE MONEY HELPER-2
E_PQNR Question Surveycraft Case Number