Create Analysis Data

You can create a collection of survey items which are specific to your research using your Item Cart. You can add survey items to your Item Cart by searching for relevant survey items, browsing by survey, browsing by topic, or using a predefined cart.

Searching for relevant survey items
  • You can search across multiple surveys and waves using our intelligent search engine indexed by keywords and domains. Searches can be refined for a specific study or survey of interest.
Browsing by Surveys for Relevant Survey Items
  • You can browse through survey content organized by survey module using Surveys at a Glance. For many studies you can also browse through module survey logic visually using the flow-chart view.
Browsing by Topics for Relevant Survey Items
  • You can browse through a survey concordance to find comparable survey items in multiple Harmonized studies using Concordance across Surveys. Harmonized topics are divided into 10 top-level research domains.
Pre-Defined Carts
  • You can use any of these pre-defined carts which contain basic demographic variables, sample weights, etc., often used in analyses.