Informant Report

The informant is someone who knows the respondent well, interacts with him/her frequently, and therefore knows his/her daily functions and can report on them. Informants are most likely to be spouses, partners, children, or caregivers. Occasionally they may be other relatives, friends, or neighbors.

The informant report includes:

  • Demographics: This section asks about informant's demographic characteristics and relationship with the respondent
  • JORM IQCODE: changes they observed about the Respondent's cognitive abilities and memory compared to 10 years ago
  • Blessed Scale Part 2: questions about the respondent's ability to take care of himself/herself without assistance from anyone or with some level of assistance
  • Activities: asks about activities the respondent is doing, the frequency with which they are doing these activities, and whether they are doing them alone or with someone else
  • Affect section: This section asks about the feelings the respondent experienced during his/her day while doing various activities.
  • CSI-D module: Asks about the level of decline the respondent experienced while doing various daily activities in the past few years
  • Blessed Scale Part 1: Asks about respondent's loss of ability