FN. Final Check

Module FN. Final Check of TILDA 2016

Label Type Description
FN001 Question Check respondent’s first name and surname
FN002 Question Check address as written on the HSS is correct. If not correct, then write changes on Address label
FN003 Question Check phone number provided on contact sheet is correct
emal1 Question Can you please tell me your email address?
Emal2 Question Thank you. Please now tell me the second part of the address after the sign. Interviewer note: Please code the following or other specify if not listed
Emal3 Question May I just check, your email address is “
Qxx3 Question INTERVIEWER: Now complete a promissory note by writing on the 5 character Tilda serial number () and hand it over to the respondent/proxy
Qxx4 Question Are you happy to have the cheque made payable to
Qxx5 Question What name do you want the cheque made payable to?